My spine tingles
Off vibrations from
Your intentions; 
Hurrying to
Convince me that
These nerves I feel
Are everything but
A warning.


Love your Black
When they terrorize your 
Existence and pray upon
Your oblivion
Love your Black
As their chants ricochet 
From their throats and
Aim for your insecurities
Love your Black
It’s easier to yell against the 
But your rock your Black 


Let me discover you once more& grip your darkness.
Let me rub it 
between my fingers 
till I tease 
the light out of you.
Remind me again of why I returned 
just to end up once more
on your lap 
remorseful and regretful.

Things I’ve Learned Since I Loved You 


You are a spirit in a human body, not a human body with a spirit. In this lifetime you come in as an underdeveloped spirit with a lesson to learn. Whether it’s determination, how to be more selfless, how to be the GOAT, you will endure lifetimes of experiences that will amount to you successfully become the enlightened spirit you are meant to be. & Of course, what’s for you will ALWAYS be for you. No matter what or who gets in the way, if it’s yours nothing can get in your way.

Things I’ve Learned Since I Loved You 


Be patient. I say this again because I have a tendency to take the buns out of the oven before they are done. That just leaves a nasty, raw, gooey mess that no one wants to clean up. This right here means that yes you can just go with the flow of things sometimes, but this choice also comes with the responsibility of knowing when you have to put your foot down and raise your finger up. And sometimes you won’t know when to do either. When you run into these moments…just pray because God never fails. When you are ready for something, when you are ready to be taken out of the oven, God will know and God will give you what you need. Remember those times you asked God for something and would throw a tantrum when he wouldn’t give you what you what you wanted? But then do you also remember how grateful you felt when you didn’t get it? 
God is protecting you from the fuck boys and shitty situations. Listen, believe me when I say that no good deed goes unseen and no bad deed goes unpunished. You ain’t perfect my love and for all the wrong you’ve done and caused someone may do the same to you. It’s just the way life works.

Things I’ve Learned Since I Loved You 


You are not always responsible. Everyone comes with their baggage…everyone carries their own stories, their experiences, their share of embarrassing growing pains. And if somehow, somewhen you encounter human beings that haven’t fully dealt with the amount of crap they have in these black hidden boxes, you won’t ever notice at first, second, or third glance. You may not notice for a year or more if you are blindly in love. But when all that shit comes up to the surface to haunt them…you’ll get some of that projectile vomiting residue on your crown. It’s alright. It doesn’t feel alright, but it will be. Just clean off the mess he caused and continue to walk with your head held high. Will he come back? Maybe. Maybe he will return after having dealing with his shit and maybe he will return without having done so. Who knows? But if and when he does, be so consumed with yourself that you don’t let the encounter derail you or throw you off balance.