News 12

Puff, puff, pass 
this dirty air
that chills
the atmosphere-
suffocating opportunities
and producing a bottleneck;
leaving most people in the bottom.


This is what your love looks like 

It looks like
flaming fire- 
swaying softly mid air.
Wanting to be put out
but fervently burning
in the wind refusing
to shrivel up.

It looks like
morning dew.
Greets me every
morning, but
doesn’t stick around
long enough
to let the feeling simmer.

Your love feels like
a hot summer day-
I enjoy
every single minute
of it, but I’m afraid
that if I stay
in it for too long
it may burn me.

Love your Black
When they terrorize your 
Existence and pray upon
Your oblivion
Love your Black
As their chants ricochet 
From their throats and
Aim for your insecurities
Love your Black
It’s easier to yell against the 
But your rock your Black 


Let me discover you once more& grip your darkness.
Let me rub it 
between my fingers 
till I tease 
the light out of you.
Remind me again of why I returned 
just to end up once more
on your lap 
remorseful and regretful.

Things I’ve Learned Since I Loved You 


You are a spirit in a human body, not a human body with a spirit. In this lifetime you come in as an underdeveloped spirit with a lesson to learn. Whether it’s determination, how to be more selfless, how to be the GOAT, you will endure lifetimes of experiences that will amount to you successfully become the enlightened spirit you are meant to be. & Of course, what’s for you will ALWAYS be for you. No matter what or who gets in the way, if it’s yours nothing can get in your way.