Since I’ve Been Gone

So much has happened since I wrote my last post in 2017. I lived 2018 in love and while I struggled to find the words to express that, it was magical. Currently, that love is no longer in my life- I’m sure it was a Twin Flame- but I hope that wherever our paths may […]

It comes back

This year was so overwhelming in so many ways. For the entirety of this year I’ve been running away from love. Love that was as perfect as it was toxic, love that was naive and tasted rather sweet, love that doesn’t feel like love after a heartbreak, family love, self love. Anything that has even […]


My fear of being forgotten feels so selfish, feels so foreign. I mean, does it really make sense for someone to love making love to their pillows more than the man from across the street that would love her for free? Does it make sense to want the love and appreciation from people who wouldn’t […]

I want A Love Like

I want to love in a way that transcends 5 a.m. guilt. Whirs past rambunctious nights, and doesn’t lean on broken hearts for resurrection from dead hopes. That chooses to keep open the lines between what was and what might be. I want to love savagely and devoid of damage- Recognizing the inability of our […]