It comes back

This year was so overwhelming in so many ways. For the entirety of this year I’ve been running away from love. Love that was as perfect as it was toxic, love that was naive and tasted rather sweet, love that doesn’t feel like love after a heartbreak, family love, self love. Anything that has even the smallest hint of affection alerted all my senses that it was time to go. I’d pack my nerves and my insecurities and retreated into myself. I spent the year scared and afraid. Do you know how it feels to mourn love from a person who told you from the very beginning that you would be easy to forget? Not because he didn’t care, but because his heart no longer functioned the way it should. But alas, I fell in love again. I don’t know if it was the sweetness of the air, the touch of his words on the red of my cheeks, or the realization that love can come back in its purest form. Here we are… a year later and finally ready to say that I’m ready. Not necessarily going on a hunt for love, just gonna be willing to put it out there.


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